Auto Repair Maintenance Tips

Auto Maintenance Helping your car live a long and healthy life
A little maintenance at regular intervals can go a long way to helping you keep your car in top condition for a long time. There are small things everyone can do to help prevent a breakdown when you least expect it.

Actively check your tire pressure about once a month. The correct psi number can be found on the tire itself. Most gas stations have air pumps with readers built into their hoses or you can purchase a tire pressure gauge for a couple of dollars from a local store. Keeping the tires at their recommended pressure will help increase your gas mileage and allow the tires to wear evenly.
Rember to not stress your car's components. If you get stuck in the mud or sand don't try to free your vehicle by gunning the engine or switching back and forth from forward to reverse. These can do a lot more damage to the car in the long run. If you can't free it with minimal engine power, try placing something under the wheels to help them gain some traction.
Change your vehicle's oil. Even though it may sound like a given to change it regularly, many people don't do so as often as they should. Whether you change it yourself or take it to a shop for this service, changing out the oil now is better than having to change out the engine later.
Take weight into consideration. It may not sound like a big deal but having a huge and heavy key chain can bring headaches in the long run. The extra weight adds stress to the car's ignition and can cause it to fail. It's a good idea to keep your keychain as light as possible. If you must keep a lot of keys then think about putting the rest on a separate keychain not attached to your car key(s).
Include your mechanic. Find a good one that you trust and tell them your concerns. If they are good at their job, they will provide you with solutions that will work for you and always keep you informed up front as to what they are doing and why.
Consistently keep a log. Store a pad and pencil in the car jotting down things like how often you fill up and your mileage. This will make you familiar with what's normal for your car and alert you if things begin to change.

Brake Tips
Well maintained brakes are important for you and your family's safety and their care should never be left to chance. Here are some signs your brakes may need replacement.

  • Your brake pedal is hard when you press on it or presses down to the floor before the brakes kick in.
  • The car consistently pulls to the same side when you apply the brakes.
  • You notice leaking fluid around the wheel(s).
  • You hear a loud screeching noise either when you apply the brakes or while driving.

  • Any of these symptoms should be checked out to make sure your brakes are working properly. We feel so strongly about our customers safety that we offer full brake saftey inspections absolutely free of charge.
    Trip Tips
    The last thing you want to worry about on a trip is if your vehicle is going to make it or not. While no one can guarantee a problem-free trip, there are things you can to do decrease the chance of having issues arise while on the road.

  • Check your belts and hoses. Worn or cracked belts and hoses are much easier to replace before a long trip than during one.
  • Make sure your battery is charged. Bring a quick charger with you so you don't get stranded and need a jump.
  • Top off your fluids levels. Making sure these are at their recommended levels will ensure one less potential issue.
  • Test your brakes. Finding out you need new brakes in the middle of a tense situation on the highway can be life-threatening. Don't take a chance.

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